RolandMy name is Roland Mann.  This blog started as a record of my experiences in a one year course, from September 2009, learning how to build boats at the International Boatbuilding Training College in Lowestoft.

Since then I have built a lot of things, both boat related and otherwise, and learned many unexpected skills.  I am currently in the middle of an extensive houseboat project on the River Deben in Suffolk, UK.

However whatever skill or craft I have been involved in, I seem to see pervading them some really quite simple principles.  Apart from being a record of some of the things we are doing, I shall try in my posts to convey something of these ‘essential’ fundamentals that I see in craftsmanship of all kinds.

So much is about attention – awareness of what is happening, so that the consequences of one’s actions are instantly fed back and seized as new learning.

If you can train your attention, you can do anything.